Brazilian Music Simple Essentials

Some time ago a foreign friend asked me about real Brazilian Music !!

Considering the current state of Brazilian Music ( i.e. pure garbage ), and my orientation towards electronic music, was quite hard to go deep and find the really good things, as i knew about at least Mutantes and Secos e Molhados, and a few good 80’s rock and punk bands, i came out with an incomplete but very interesting list that can serve to start to dig the real original Brazilian Music.

And i mean the original sertanejo, the samba that came from the Rio’s pubs, know as botecos and the rock and roll that born on the 70’s and 80’s and the Tropicalia times when Caetano and Gilberto Gil aren’t the today’s annoying ones..

Let’s go to the ( incomplete ) list and hope this become useful for you…

I skipped North and Bahia music, but there’s a lot more 🙂