Qt1 CMake port and more Akademy crazyness

So, my plans was always finish the full KDE1 port, and now on Akademy i have some time to get back to this pet project. Starting on Qt1 porting entirely to CMake because the experience on Qt2 was so good that i decided going back to that and do some of the same love on Qt1.

KDE 1 for that new port next. For now, i’m working on github, so https://github.com/heliocastro/qt1

And guess what, on Akademy you can get all possible surprises 🙂

Thanks to our kdesrc-build hero Michael Pyne, there’s *just* Qt 1 running on Windows 10 with WSL.

All credits on this picture to mpyne 🙂


  1. I compiled it on the laptop running Win10 as well.

    Technological progress is incredible, it only took a few minutes for a laptop on battery to compile a tarball that would have taken several times as long on a powerful desktop at the time Qt1 was released.

    And for those wondering, this is the X11 version of Qt 1, displaying to a separate X server running in Win10 (hence the DISPLAY= setting)

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to invest your time into fixing real KDE Bugs and improve our software? 🙂 You can run Qt1 anytime in a virtual machine, so I believe we essentially gain nothing from this port… – IMHO.

    1. Wouldn’t it be better to invest your time into learning to code by trying to fix some bugs instead of telling others what to code?
      🙂 I believe we gain essentially nothing from your comment – IMHO.

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