Pokemon Go – The dream and the hell of smartphone manufacturers

I was thrown as other few millions of poor souls in the middle of the tornado that Pokemon Go generated ( and still generating ) around the world.
To be fair, i am a Pokemon player since ever, from the early game boy devices to modern ones, so was a no brain decision that i would pick up the new shiny
game with this new “thingie”, the A.R. smartphone applications.

Despite the amount of revenue Nintendo, Niantic and everyone on the software side will do. why i think this is more an manufactures thing ?
So, explaining, i have a good relatively modern Android phone, an Motorola X Play, with good battery, and really good hardware in general. I can install and appreciate the game with all potential right ?
No, a BIG no. But why ?
Well, even with this, my hardware doesn’t have a gyroscope. The AR part of the game is useless. So, for me the most fun part of the game was simply gone away.
But still, as stubborn as any computer nerd, i go ahead and try it anyway.
The is how i realized that the games is the dream and the hell of manufacturers.
With half a day with encrypted phone, that uses lot more battery than usual, and using the game, my battery was half empty, And this is a lot in my one that usually took day or little more on regular usage. And the network hogging was crazy.

That’s it, if this tendency stays and such games become more often used, as i expect any other application developers using same ideas on other kind of applications, all manufactures got the golden ticket of user WANTING upgrade their phones for new ones, as people are not doing that often anymore, because smartphones in general becomes good enough for the average common usage. No need to upgrade anymore.
So, if manufacturers got this present from Nintendo, they will profit a lot right now, no ?

Well, no. And that’s the hell part.
You will not be able to sell any new device that perform awfully with such applications, been a game, or an AR map, or anything related. This means, battery that can handle that load of hardware requests, GPS, graphics, sensor.
They will need provide better technologies faster than usual to keep the pace software is requiring now. Is almost like computers in 80’s, a new game pulling down new hardware requirements. And before any iPhone fanboy points out “you have an Android”, your battery was crapping out as any other phone on Pokemon Go. So no, you don’t have a special thing beyond to be a very expensive one that do exactly the same as the others bought by half of the price.

So even achieving minimum game requirements, any so called smartphone will need to achieve the request of this minimum specs, because, you know, using a messenger app is the normal, but sometimes you want to play a game. Sometimes your kid want to use your phone to play that gamie-thing that you don’t know. And then, you will be drowned in the non-wanted but wanted anyway process to buy a new smartphone. But not *any* smartphone…

Welcome to the new era of smartphones devices.

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