Qt 5.7.0 experimental for Fedora 24 and Rawhide

Qt 5.7.0 is made available today but we @ KDE SIG still want to be more or less conservative and keep 5.6.1 for some time until proper testing and all the new 5.7.0 packages been ready. This packages can become in the future the mainline packages on Fedora.
So i made a copr repository for the bleeding edge F24 and Rawhide, using now clang compiler instead of gcc to raise the “experimental” status of this fine packages.
The rest of packages will be added on the rest of the next day.
The packages contains as most possible pristine Qt code released, except few patches. Qt WebEngine will take some more time and i intend to do a pristine unmodified external repository for it, since it contains code that is not accepted by Fedora bylaws.
I will consider after finish do a F23 build.

Remember, use it at your own risk if you want to try as a replacement on a current machine you’re using actively. I still not tested against current compiled KDE as well.

Please, if you find issue on the packages, just ping me that i put in the path to fix.

Repository will be found on Qt-Next – Qt 5.7.0 Copr

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