LXQt Epel package repository for Red Hat Linux 7 and Centos 7

Let’s divide the post in two parts, the short history if you want just try out the packages and don’t care about the gross details and the long history, explaining the rocks we met in the path.

Short History
Go to Epel 7 LXQt repository and follow the instructions. Please report any errors.
There’s a single issue. We did not polished menus yet, so some work need to be done.

Long History
For some unexplained reason, Red Hat 7 and Centos 7 were released with cmake 2.8.x, instead of a minimum modern 3.x release, and even the patch level releases, .1 and .2 still remained with this old cmake version.
Well, cmake 2.8 is older for many projects already, but we’re talking on Qt and even KDE projects here. The cmake in Red Hat Linux is USELESS.
But lately i received a lot of requests to “fix” repository of LXQt on the RHEL and Centos releases, through epel process.
The point is, to solve it just an cmake update would be enough and we can provide the whole LXQt stack and the necessary KDE Frameworks package.
The answer i got is that was preferred revert whole LXQt to 0.8.x stack INSTEAD.
To be honest, upgrade a package an RHEL is highly difficult due to the stable lts characteristics, so the only solution was adopt a second cmake package.
So, cmake3 package born. Now it lives only on copr repository, but we hope have it added for the main epelrepo in some way.
I think many projects will benefit of this additional cmake package as well, including the capability of port all KDE Frameworks and possibly Plasma 5 for enterprise Linux.

If you want to use it on your epel packages, add this two lines on your spec.
For BuildRequires
BuildRequires: 0%{?fedora:cmake >= 3.3}0%{?rhel:cmake3 >= 3.3}
For cmake itself compile

I know, i know, is ugly, better suggestions accepted 😀

Enjoy the latest LXQt release.


  1. I had a little play with lxqt on top of a cento7 kde build the other day and it looked very quick.
    Any chance you would do a group install for those not using kde or would like to try it with a minimal install.
    Thanks for your effort


  2. Hi Dave.

    After some time we already added LXQt on official epel repos, i didn’t asked Than Ngo (from Epel Red Hat ) about the comps though, because the group exists on Fedora builds.
    I will discuss this with him later today.
    LXQt new version is about to be released as well.
    Regards, Helio

    1. Oi Eduardo. O repositório do copr não existe mais, já que foi integrado no mainline \o/
      Então, agora tu pode instalar direto via yum

      []’s Helio

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