Qt testing packages for Fedora and Epel on copr

We’re ( kde-sig ) trying slowly improve the quality of Fedora KDE and Qt, and is a lot of work. Some of the members even got to new jobs reducing the time to deal as “life” happens, which makes the work harder. Rex Dieter, our fearless ( and reasonable ) leader do a fantastic 100 people work, but still, we have enough to 100+n persons. So anything that can reduce the test time and the burden on the process are a necessary solution.

Some can arg that rawhide is a test place, and they are right, but is for a devel future, not for a soon to be stable set of packages. And we’re hardly see people using rawhide on production aside us in some very very very restricted cases and most of all, in virtual machines, not bare metal.
Then we can go to the -testing repo, which leads to Fedora buildsystem, that not helps much as every new package submitted need rely of someone say’s ok to testing stage or worst, wait minimum 7 days until reach the servers.
And is not testing per se, as if we wait for 7 days without anyone really tested the package and reach the stable with a bad version, so we’re be double screwed.

So, for example, in a few days we will have Qt 5.6.0 rc and we want that people have it as soon as possible in their machines as soon it reaches the final if possible on the release day been in our default repositories, and avoid the now more common annoyed people saying that the other ** distro already has it or why it takes so long blaming us lazy packagers.

The solution ? kde-sig Copr group ! The recent upgrade on copr allow us to have groups instead of individuals, and now this leads to current Qt repo.

With the blessing of Dan Vratil, i took his original repository and recreated over Qt5 KDE Sig Copr Repo with most current Qt possible.

You will find now 5.6.0 beta available for rawhide, f23, f22 and Epel-7 restricted on f23 and f22 to x86_64 due a build bug on i386 chroots from copr ( a segfault that we’re not managed to find ).

Still missing the qtwebengine package due the work to remove included 3rdparty source to bind to Fedora policies, and this is a hard work, even simplified a lot by Qt devs ( thanks to Allan )

So, we’re open to “business” and if you think we can improve Fedora, any ideas are welcome.

Reinforcing: KDE Sig Copr place

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