Frameworks keeps proving that KDE project was right

Among other things, i’m one of the maintainers of LXQt in Fedora, and today i was happy to see that issue #502 is closed as fixed.
Why is important ?
Some time ago KDE project bet on the separation of base libs, on somehing called frameworks, that create a set of libraries to be capable to be used for any other software project.
We had a lot of nay’s from everywhere saying that was too ambitious or would not payoff or even be stupid idea.
So, issue #502 in LXQt just move an entire old code of screena management to Kscreen, and LXQt not loose his roots just because using some KDE library, it’s just reduce the cost of maintanance and share a good code in the good spirit of open source.
Can’t be more happy on be part of an awesome project like KDE.


  1. It also gives them the Wayland port for free as we are in the process of adding support to kscreen. Granted it will only work with KWin for the moment.

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