Subliminal on Fedora – Easy subtitle search and retrieve

For years i used filebot as my client to retrieve subtitles, the infamous srt files, to my movies and series.
Filebot was good, but is in Java, which limits in small ARM appliances and was very error prone, because try to do lot’s of things beyond subtitle fetching.
The i discovered subliminal, a very young python tool that do the job perfectly, and just that.
As i realized that fitted my needs, i tried to package to Fedora, and end up in a series of packages that wasn’t available on the distro.

So now, here’s the copr repository for Fedora Rawhide, 23 and 22:
Subliminal copr repository

For python2 install python-subliminal and binary is called subliminal
For python3 install python3-subliminal and binary is called python3-subliminal

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