Hack fonts for Fedora and Epel

I just made a package and submitted to upstream fedora package review the newly release Hack fonts.

The copr repository can be found here:



  1. I’m about to add this to the Hack project readme as the recommended way to install this on Fedora / CentOS, but I’m a little concerned the packages are so out of date. It looks like the RPM’s in there are 8 releases old. Is there any chance this is going to be kept up to date?

    1. Yes. I will update today ASAP. In the meantime, is in the Fedora review process to enter in the oficial repository. Is just that this processo still a little slow.

      1. Thanks! Maybe you could drop me a comment in a Github issue (PR https://github.com/chrissimpkins/Hack/pull/151 is fine) when this actually hits the official repos so I can update the install instructions (or better yet since I’m not a Fedora expert you could submit a PR with the edits to the README with best procedures for Fedora). For now I’m recommending a push for people to install via package managers if possible so I’ve linked this Copr repo. Have I included the right commands?

        1. Is easy on Fedora side

          – For Fedora < 23 and Centos 7, 6 and 6 yum install yum-plugin-copr yum copr enable heliocastro/hack-fonts - For Fedora 23 and beyond dnf install dnf-plugins-core dnf copr enable heliocastro/hack-fonts

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