Cutegram for Fedora 22, Rawhide and EPEL 7

Few days ago there was an article on Fedora magazine by Jiri Eischmann explaining the current situation of Telegram clients on Fedora.

One of the mentions was about Cutegram, and that was tentatively packaged by Jaroslav Reznik.
I asked for his bless to take a shot on it, and now during KDE’s Akademy i decided play a little with this, since we’re using as the main communication software during the conference.

So i’m glad to announce that the initial packaging, with little few patches was done, running and available on my COPR repository and ready to test.

I intend to submit to Fedora package system soon, but for now, COPR only.
Any suggestion or help will be welcome, i’m all ears 🙂


    1. I’m really sorry, i was talking with Jaroslav and missing that completly. I made everything from the ground, and sendo some patches to improve install, mainly on libtelelegram.
      I need pay more attention on the future

  1. Hi heliocastro,

    I have used your repo on my RHEL 7.1 Machine and get the following error after doing a yum install cutegram:

    [ohaessle@ohaessle ~]$ cutegram
    cutegram: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [ohaessle@ohaessle ~]$

    Any idea?

    The Package that were installed during the yum install:

  2. Hi heliocastro,

    I ran in to a power failure last night and now cutegram has trouble starting with a ‘segmentation fault’.
    I allready rebooted and did a ‘sudo dnf reinstall cutegram libqtelegram-ae qt5-qtbase qt5-qtbase-common qt5-qtmultimedia telegramqml qt5-qtdeclarative’, no effect.

    when I run ‘cutegram -V’ I get:
    [1] 5947 segmentation fault (core dumped) cutegram -V

    When I do the same as root, I get cutegram working.
    How to resolve?

  3. After I install, Cutegram window loads but the wait circle just spins and says “Loading…” Below that a link that says “Login again?” appears, but nothing after that ever happens. Any ideas?

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