knotification, kde connect and what we can do to make future connected

So, i was “politely” annoying people on kde channels last days because i found some interconnected pieces of KDE software that is not really integrated, but are screaming to do that.

All started when i questioned on our older knotify dialog, which for years we blamed to not be extensible, and mck182,  our own Martin Klapetek, give me a class about the wonders of knotification on Frameworks 5. What lead me to this, is the desire of have several devices ( and possibly machines ) interconnecting their notifications, in both ways. and mostly KDE Connect is one of the middle guys to do that.

At same time, not expected but welcome, Albert Vaca  blogged about the other side of my idea, the goals for KDE Connect. He clearly asked of usable plugins to do exchange of information on devices, like Android, iOS, etc..

Where we as KDE are not seeing is that this, like all of our frameworks, should be transparent, in a way that ANY frameworks application that uses knotification could directly access ANY device registered, in both ways.

Simple example:

We work daily on computers, mostly on the time want to be not bothered. We receive a message coming from some person on mobile, then suddenly, unless we muted, the notification appears on your screen, even far from your mobile. KDE Connect ALREADY do that.  But, if is other way ? I have konversation irc opened, but i marked away, then someone from work ping me about some important thing. Konversation could pick this message and forward to my mobile. Or ANY device i choose to do that. This KDE Connect not do, and probably not designed to do.

And what could be done to aiming for this kind of future. ?

First of all, i think i should be got to VDG group to create a feasible knotification extended dialog where we can register multiple endpoints ,like, one mobile android, one mobile iOS, one tablet Windows, one desktop, and then we can simple connect our software notifications to hits on that. And receive from this or that mobile.

This conceptually is easy to imagine if we are using a diagram representing the devices and the notification sources, but i hardly imagine how this could be put the the desktop ground, that’s why VDG is my bet.

Second, we need make some unification on the KDE Connect plugins idea and our knotification system, so talking talk as one framework, this i would love to discuss with Albert and Martin, and everyone that can buy this idea, if someone on the deep grounds of KDE labs already not started.

Hope someone buy this idea and push forward, because this is kind of thing is impossible to do it alone, and thanks our beloved KDE project is specialized to work as a family, and make things happens.



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