Put LXQt to work on Fedora 21 and epel 7

After i joined RedHat on some time ago, i slowly start to been involved more and more on Qt and KDE matters, even been more active joining Fedora KDE SIG,  as a newbie :-).

One of the recently internal discussions lead to a necessity of bring lightweight desktop, at least one, in a polish state.

Since LXQt is finally came on 0.8.0 to Qt5, and we’re actively working on Fedora 21, Qt5 builds and KDE Frameworks,  and there are needs to jump and do at least the first usable state of the project, i jumped the wagon.

Eugene Pivnev was already working on initial packaging for Fedora, but i was advanced in the work when lead KDE packager from Fedora, Rex Dieter, told me, but at least i could use part of his work on sysstat packages and qtxdg packages. I borrowed his full packages.

was only two days of work and is still in the baby steps, that’s why i packaged everything on Fedora copr buildsystem until we have proper review. We still have no group for install whole desktop and need to install packages by hand, and there’s an explicit dependency on openbox as window manager, but was a quick decision to make things work fast.

I’m still deciding how to deal with lxqt-admin package due some dependencies, but is the only missing from the 0.8.0 series on http://www.lxqt.org

So, if you want to try it, recompile, help me, complain to me, you can find the work here:


For the repository on copr:

  • Fedora 21 – dnf copr enable heliocastro/lxqt or yum copr enable heliocastro/lxqt
  • Epel 7 – yum copr enable heliocastro/lxqt 

Ps. I will not intend to compile/enable Qt 4 builds, only Qt 5 build because this is the direct goal


  1. Have you decided whichnetworkmanager you will use with lxqt already? As I know there is no qt only implementation yet, and the plasma applet will not work with lxqt. The gnome would be an option though, but that pulls quite some dependencies.

    Would be interesting what you guys are looking into. I installed lxqt on my arch box, but it seems lacking in this regard.

    1. Not yet. as i said, baby steps, but this is a quite important and valid question.
      Same could argue about which terminal to use, but for now i assume xterm should be the one since the question lightweight comes in my mind

      1. That’s not the question, of course it is possible and there are good alternatives.

        In my mind as former distro developer comes – derivation from the main other desktops concerning “core” desktop technology, while gnome/kde and other spins use networkmanager, it could be that you want to place it upon the same technology stack as well.
        Of course that’s up to the packagers, but still – it’s a question to raise.

        For the console thingy … ye, quite a pity too … but to port QConsole (ye, I know it’s unmaintained) or similar to qt5 shouldn’t be much of a hassle..

        For me those things are parts which LXQT has room for improvement, as well as integrating a search to the menu. Though, it’s 0.8 not 1.0 and thinking about the progress they did I could think of all that coming along within the next year.

          1. Qterminal is amazing, it’s the only one I use! On both Debian and Arch.

            Prior to this I have been using Yakuake since KDE 3.5

  2. Glad to hear that! I want to switch to Fedora 21 and I thought about LXQT. How to install LXQT to have best experience with Fedora? Should I install some minimal instalation or whole KDE Spin and then add your repo? I want to have all laptop power management, working WIFI, etc. OOTB


    1. @MP +1
      We are in same position – need wifi and power mgmt but if can have those, willing to try lxqt

  3. upgraded f20 to f21, updated lxqt-0.7.0 to lxqt-0.8.0

    $ lxqt-session
    QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display

    syslog says:
    localhost.localdomain kernel: lxqt-session[2111]: segfault at 50 ip 00007ff2c442202b sp 00007fff607ee7b0 error 4 in libQt5Widgets.so.5.4.0[7ff2c42ca000+667000]

    (tested with lxqt-session-0.8.0-3.fc21 and lxqt-session-0.8.0-4.fc21)

    1. Indeed is a bug. The whole build was introduced hours before Qt 5.4 jumped on buildsystem. I will do a massive rebuild there soon.

      I’m glad to inform that now we officially entered on fedora repositories so now we can use it

      1. I should of read this comment before trying this on my F21! wasted couple of hours and a google search for “lxqt segfault libqt5widgets.so” brought me back again to this page! lol

  4. Hit the same bug.
    Thanks for planning to fix it !
    So I will leave lxqt installed, and the next update should get us able to use “lxqt”…
    /B]Cannot wait[/B]

  5. Hello all

    I just moved the latest build for stable today on Fedora 21. Will be available tomorrow tops.
    From now on, for Rawhide and Fedora 21 will be on main repository, no more on copr. Only for epel i will need to stay on copr for now.

    Please, feel free to open bugs directly on fedora/red hat bugzilla.

    Many thanks for everyone and apologizes for the crazy initial builds.

    Regards, Helio

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